Freitag, 2. März 2018

Rezension: Martin Balluch - The Dog and his Philosopher

A must-read about animal ethics

A philosopher and a dog. As a philosopher the author eyes his best friend, dog Kuksi, closely. Through countless little episodes of their lives, Martin Balluch interprets the way non-human animal think. He finds prove for a consciousness in his friend and explains why it’s important to acknowledge the consciousness in non-human animals. For decades they have been slaughtered and tortured, because people thought they cannot consciously feel pain. 

It’s interesting to read how the two friends can communicate nonverbally with each other and really understand what the other one is saying. On long adventures in the wild they really have to rely on each other and their ability to give each other advices. Balluch describes a few really dangerous situations where they had to trust each other, their lives depending on it. Every person who grew up with a non-human friend in their lives will find themselves in this book. Do you remember how your cat-friend used to get you to make her food at 3 am? Can you recall your dog-friend looking guilty after he bit through your shoes? They know exactly what they are doing, of course they do. 

This book is a must-read, not only for people who are into animal ethics and fight for animal rights. With the examples given, no one can argue that autonomy for non-human animals and animal rights are not overdue. Because of the many witty anecdotes it’s an easy and diverting read that will keep you entertained while you learn important arguments .

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